PRIVACY POLICY Keeping Your Privacy Private!

SEO Squares understands the privacy concerns of its clients and makes sure that all the information and analytic data pertaining to its clients is safe from all sorts of threats. Our privacy policy has been formulated with utmost care to articulate to our clients all the things they ought to know before availing our service. We have made all the necessary arrangements to safeguard the privacy of our esteemed customers.

Gathered Information

Regarding to the services offered at, there might be pages that would require our clients to fill in details, mostly personal, to be eligible for availing our services. This information serves as the basis for future correspondence between SEO Squares and its clients. Prior to ordering a service, a client might be asked to provide us with the following basic information:

• Full name
• Name of organisation
• Unique email address
• Password
• Credit or Debit card particulars for billing purposes
All this information is kept private between SEO Squares and its clientele. There happens to be no sharing of information with a third party, which may or may not concern the company and/or the client.

Analytics Information

It is necessary for SEO Squares to maintain a record of the number of visitors it receives in a day and the duration of time these visitors spend on the website. These records are well-secured by the company and cannot be accessed by unauthorised sources, whatsoever.
Data of this particular type is gathered everyday by all operational websites.

Usage of information

All the information collected over a fixed period of time by is used only for receiving orders and providing services to clients. The rights to the data entered by SEO Squares’ clientele are retained by the clientele itself. SEO Squares just makes sure that the data is used only for the purpose it was obtained for in the first place. All the databases are well-protected and irrelevant usage of all such information is prevented by all means possible.
However, in the event of fraud and violation of company policy, the information might be used to take legal action against those involved in such malicious practices.

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