TERMS AND CONDITIONS Following Rules In Every Deal!

SEO Squares believes in laying down rules and following them to prevent any event of transgression between the two parties in the future.

www.seosquare.com is available for use by people from all around the world who have the means to access it. The links are provided on the website to facilitate the visitors and the clients alike and SEO Squares does not take any responsibility for the content and data displayed on third party websites.

The visibility of external links on the website does not stand for endorsement of the website by www.seosquare.com. In case of damage or malware resulting from accessing these external sites, SEO Square will not be held responsible. Clients should seek expert consent to ensure safety when opening such links.

The website itself and the content displayed on it is in no way to be used for purposes other than what it is ought to serve. Clients have to agree to refrain from using automatic devices, robots or spiders without the approval of SEO Square to plagiarise content or misuse it by any other means.

The clients are expected to pay for the service well before the beginning of the project, unless the payment is deferred by SEO Squares’ own preference. In case of payment via credit card, SEO Square has the authority to deduct the decided amount directly from the client’s account till the client decides to withdraw his credit card details from the SEO Squares’ database.

In the event of payment via cheques, SEO Squares owns the right to suggest and implement other methods of payment if the account is short on funds.

Clients availing the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services being offered by SEO Squares will have to be certain of the fact that various factors involved in the process are beyond the direct control of SEO Squares. Any claim made in the future for refund will have to be based on strong grounds and elements that are governed by SEO Squares.

SEO Squares shall not be held responsible for any amends or alterations made in third-party websites.

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